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Haining Guoxinda Warp Knitting Co., Ltd. is a new-booming manufacturer of warp-knitted fabrics, with 18,000sqm of lands and modern management system. Located in Yuanhua Industrial Park in Haining city, Guoxinda enjoys good location for we are next to Huhang double-line (East-west Avenue), and are only 80km and 60km away from Shanghai city and Hangzhou city respectively.
Now, Guoxinda is equipped with leading equipment, including Karl Meyer hi-speed knitting machines and warping machine from Taiwan Xinhong. We have strong strength.
Main products are clinquant velvet, Mercerized Fleece, Full Dull Fleece, suede nap, Stripe velvet, Super-soft Velour, Fluorescent Cloth, Mesh Cloth, Spotted Fleece, and so on. They are widely used as fabrics and lining of garment, accessories, bags, hats, shoes, and so on. Moreover, they also can be used as base cloths in lamination and coating treatment. At present, our products are well sold in Japan, EU, USA, and so on.
We yearly produce 3,000 tons of products, and are trying our best to increase output. Committing to researching and developing new products, we are striving to expand our business and produce high-end products.
Sticking to such philosophy of "Honest business, mutual benefits, creative development", Guoxinda sincerely welcomes clients all over the world to have business, cooperation and communication with us!
Haining Guoxinda Warp Knitting Co., Ltd.
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